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History has proven that, when confronted with a legal issue or matter that involves civil or criminal liability, defendants often take a course of action that is not “well-thought” and, in effect, makes things worse. The purpose of this service is to offer DPA Members some critical facts and information that might be extremely useful in resolving a particular issue; together with some suggested strategies and actions you might employ to achieve the most favorable outcome given the facts and circumstances you are involved with.

In completing this form, please limit your inquiry to the equivalent of a typed page of information that explains the type of issue you are involved with [examples: business dispute, lawsuit, collection action, foreclosure, criminal matter, probate, etc.] together with a very brief recap of the basic circumstances and a statement regarding what you are looking for, or need, at this point in time.

Please do not provide information which should be kept confidential at this juncture. You will receive a confidential response via email in, typically, 24 to 48 hours (at no cost or obligation).

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